“We are a family-owned, local business. We support this legislation (HB 5717) for the graphic arts and manufacturing industry. These credits would allow us additional funds that would be used to create new jobs and upgrade our equipment. Upgrading our equipment would allow us to produce more and provide more high-end products to our customers who would not have to look to outsource. We compete nationwide and our out of state competitors have this advantage. Keeping business and creating new jobs in Illinois is important to us.”

-- David Bowers, President and Scott Bowers, Vice-President, DynaGraphics, Inc.

“On behalf of the Taxpayers Federation of Illinois, we support HB5717 and its opportunity to provide predictability and stability to the Illinois tax code. Illinois industry, Illinois employees and Illinois families deserve this. I reflect often on a statement made by former president Lyndon B. Johnson from his 1964 State of the Union that states –‘the most damaging and devastating thing you can do to any businessman in America is to keep him in guessing on what our tax policy is.’ The same can be said in current times without permanent tax solutions in place which are so critically needed for Illinois’ economic viability.”

-- Carol Portman, President of Taxpayers Federation of Illinois

“We need to do more in Illinois to embrace the compromising spirit and attract business growth and development here. These tax credits will provide targeted incentives with measurable benefits for employers large and small. My hope is we can use this package to build consensus on innovative ways to grow our state, as I’ve tried to do with other parts of my legislative agenda for 2016”

-- State Rep. Mike Zalewski, Bill Sponsor

“Illinois needs a stable tax code that will lead to new job creation and increase our position of strength in technology and innovation. In the R&D space, Illinois is one of the few states without a permanent tax credit and it’s the lifeblood of manufacturing. It’s imperative that we advance these four critical tax incentives to keep Illinois manufacturing competitive and to effectively advocate for an industry that employs 570,000 workers in Illinois and contributes $101 billion in total manufacturing output.”

-- Mark Denzler, Vice President/COO, Illinois Manufacturers’ Association

“The renewal of these incentives are critical to the survival of the commercial printing industry in Illinois and presently 49 other states offer some kind of economic incentive to commercial printers engaged in manufacturing activity. Unfortunately, due to gridlock in Springfield and the expiration of several pro-business credits Illinois companies are at a disadvantage in the marketplace. When lawmakers talk about making Illinois more competitive, about more small business opportunities and about stopping job losses to other states – this is exactly the type of legislation they should be supporting.”

-- Bill Gibson, Illinois State Director at Great Lakes Graphics Association

“As the professional trade association responsible for the promotion of Illinois coal, we have a deeply engrained interest in lobbying for a continued tax exemption that encourages mining and quarry investment in Illinois. Amidst turbulent times in our industry, this tax exemption has been an opportunity for us to keep the coal industry as a mainstay in the Illinois economy which employs approximately 4,000 Illinoisans and supports the jobs of an additional 12,000 people.”

-- Phil Gonet, Illinois Coal Association

“Three Z Printing is a family-owned business that is transitioning into the 2nd generation of ownership. We wholeheartedly support HB 5717 for the graphic arts and manufacturing industry. This legislation is essential for us to be able to compete nationally. Currently, we employ over 400 workers that are counting on our legislator to provide us a fair playing field when it comes to protecting our jobs. Just look at the national averages and statistics and where Illinois falls. Please pass this legislation to give us the tax credits necessary to protect and create new jobs!”

-- William Zerrusen, President - Three Z Printing